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About Buried Worlds With Don Wildman

Don Wildman takes his thirst for adventure into terrifying new territory to explore mankind's darkest mysteries. He joins in on taboo rituals, encounters the paranormal and unlocks deadly curses on his quest to uncover the world's most-sinister secrets.

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Host Don Wildman digs into the world's greatest institutions to unearth extraordinary relics that reveal incredible secrets from the past. Through compelling interviews, rare archival footage and arresting re-creations, "Mysteries at the Museum" illuminates the hidden treasures at the heart of history's most incredible triumphs, sensational crimes and bizarre encounters.

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A camera crew descends hundreds of feet below the streets of major cities -- such as New York, Cairo, London and Tokyo -- to explore the layered remnants of civilizations left buried deep under modern metropolitan centers. As we descend beneath our modern day cities, we are met with ancient and hidden secrets. Journey with us back through history and rediscover cities of the underworld.

The series was originally hosted and narrated by Eric Geller for the majority of episodes in season 1, with Don Wildman taking over for the rest of season 1 and seasons 2 and 3.

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