If you're looking for TV shows similar to Dangerous Liaisons on Starz, look no further. Finding a show with a similar taste can be tough job, but we have compiled you a comprehensive list of best similar drama shows on this page. Using the similars list below, you can easily find your next binge, your next favorite series to watch after Dangerous Liaisons.

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About Dangerous Liaisons

A pair of scheming ex-lovers attempt to exploit others by using the power of seduction.

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Shows Like Dangerous Liaisons

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Eight-part series based on Leonie Frieda's book "Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France."

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Elizabeth Tudor, an orphaned teenager who becomes embroiled in the political and sexual politics of the English court on her journey to secure the crown.

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Two young people meet. A fateful encounter - the proverbial love at first sight. He is Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary, she is Elisabeth von Wittelsbach, Princess of Bavaria and the sister of the woman Franz is to marry.

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Hulu · 2017

Brothel owner Margaret Wells struggles to raise her daughters in London during the 18th century.

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Astronaut Niko Breckenridge and her young crew face unimaginable danger as they go on a high-risk mission to explore the genesis of an alien artifact. The stakes couldn't get higher as Niko and her crew witness the annihilation of a planet. How do you negotiate with aliens capable of such brutality?

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Experts dive into the daily life of one of the most famous families in Latin America, the Montaners, offering a privileged access to the intimate moments of the family and a glimpse behind the scenes of the artistic career of each of its members.

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The story is described as a poignant look at a young man's difficult entry into adulthood.

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Comedian Ryuji Akiyama satirizes top "creators" in Japan with a deadpan, unerring eye for humor, with help from some surprising celebrity guest stars.

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