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Netflix • 2022 •
shows like if only series watch next after.jpeg

Follow the story of a 30-year-old woman who, when feeling dissatisfied with her marriage and family life, finds herself sent back in time 10 years following a lunar eclipse.

Shows Like If Only

shows like the mole series watch next after.jpg

A game show in which globe-trotting contestants solve puzzles and complete tasks in order to win a cash prize -- all while trying to figure out who among them is a player planted to sabotage the game.

Shows Like The Mole

Netflix • 2022 •
shows like dubai bling

Welcome to Dubai! Meet the social circle of 10 millionaires and get a peek into their glamorous lives, full of luxury, fashion and drama! Step off the private jet and into a high-flying social circle in Dubai, where lavish parties, stunning skylines and jaw-dropping fashion are the norm.

Shows Like Dubai Bling

shows like the bastard son and the devil himself series watch next after.jpg

Sixteen-year-old Nathan is the illegitimate son of the world's most feared witch. He's spent his whole life being monitored for signs he may follow the same destructive path as his father. But as tensions escalate, the old boundaries between "good" and "bad" fray and Nathan will discover what sort of person he truly is. This is an angsty, roller-coaster ride of a young adult show about a troubled kid who has the indomitable will to survive and defy the odds. The series is based on the Half Bad trilogy of books written by Sally Green.

Shows Like The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself

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