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If you're looking for TV series similar to Superchef Grudge Match, look no further than the best game-show shows on TV. Here we bring you a list of top similar shows to watch on Food Network and other networks, all with the same taste!

About Superchef Grudge Match

Superchef Grudge Match is a Game-Show show that aired on Food Network. The series made its debut in 2023.

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Shows Like Superchef Grudge Match

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Guy Fieri is back with the toughest bracket-style culinary competition where 16 of the best chefs from the East and West coasts go head-to-head in sudden-death cooking battles on Tournament of Champions II. The action-packed, sports-like tournament and each 90-minute episode is filled with unpredictable action, fierce rivalries, and shocking upsets. The chefs’ skills will be pushed to the limit in each round, as they face new ingredients, tougher cooking styles and more interesting equipment options on the randomizer machine that determines the parameters for each cook-off, including the protein, produce, equipment, cooking style, and time.

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Dear Edward is a Drama show that aired on Apple TV+. The series made its debut in 2022.

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Syfy // 2023

The Ark is a Sci-Fi show that aired on Syfy. The series made its debut in 2023.

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Netflix // 2022

Freeridge is a Comedy show that aired on Netflix. The series made its debut in 2022.

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The Consultant is a Comedy show that aired on Prime Video. The series made its debut in 2023.

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Truth Be Told tells the story of a family trying to solve the mystery behind their father's death. The fathers of twin brothers Cosie and Lanie were shot to death. They think their rebellious neighbor, Warren Cave, shot their father. But these allegations are insufficient to solve the mystery of the murder. The brothers are thrown in a different direction after their father's mysterious murder. But a reporter's program causes them to return to their hometown years later. Poppy Parnell, a successful reporter, calls on Warren Cave, who cannot be proven guilty, to the show she presents, and she asks questions to discover a new truth about a murder committed years ago. This fact will cause a file that was closed years ago to be reopened. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Kathleen Barber, Are You Sleeping is brought to the screen by Nichelle Tramble Spellman.

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