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About The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project

Nate and Jeremiah employ their design expertise to renovate the property into a dream home perfect for the next phase of the client's life.

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Balancing their roles as design experts and dads, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent rescue clients from renovation nightmares and turn money pits into masterpieces. 'Nate and Jeremiah: Save My House' provides a glimpse into their personal and professional lives while simultaneously providing endless design inspiration.

Shows Like Nate & Jeremiah Save My House

Nate & Jeremiah By Design

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent will help a client whose money pit of a house has them on the brink of financial ruin and at each other's throats. Using their undeniable eyes for style, home redesign, and house renovation, they will turn the money pit into a prize.

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HGTV held a nationwide call for a town in need of transformation, and with 5, 000 submissions, Wetumpka, AL, was chosen! Ben and Erin Napier are joined by celebrity guests as they lead a major overhaul to revitalize the whole town.

Shows Like Home Town Takeover

winter house

When the temperature drops, the drama heats up! Embark on the ultimate winter getaway with some of Bravo's beloved "Summer House" and "Southern Charm" cast members and their friends during a two-week vacation in Stowe, Vermont. The six-episode series reaches new peaks when this rowdy crew kicks off an epic experience filled with hot tub hookups and snowy shenanigans.

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Since his arrest and mysterious death in 2019, the case around Jeffrey Epstein and his intricate web of deceit, predation, and lies has continued to baffle authorities and the public alike. In July 2020, the arrest of his longtime associate, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, offered much needed hope to move forward with obtaining justice for the countless underage, female victims who suffered traumatic sexual assault and abuse at the hands of Epstein. While Maxwell has maintained her innocence, causing more questions to swirl and continued pain for Epstein's survivors, the gripping new docuseries CHASING GHISLAINE offers an in-depth and revelatory look at the woman who is accused of sharing a twisted and chilling partnership with Epstein - and who may hold the only key to unlocking the still-hidden secrets of his horrible crimes, and the coterie of powerful men who surrounded him. A pre-premiere of the three-part special will stream on discovery+ on Monday, November 22. All three parts of CHASING GHISLAINE will then air back to back on ID starting at 8 ET/7 CT on Friday, December 3. Executive Produced by James Patterson, author of the New York Times bestselling Filthy Rich: The Jeffrey Epstein Story, the engrossing special follows acclaimed author and journalist Vicky Ward, one of the first to interview Epstein and to have spoken to two of Epstein's survivors about their on-the-record sexual abuse allegations. Ward shares hours long transcripts of her early conversations with Epstein, speaks with fascinating sources, and conducts extensive research trying to piece together the question in the forefront of everyone's minds as Maxwell's trial approaches: what was the motivation for the bizarre alleged bond between Maxwell and Epstein and why did she not speak with authorities about him if she had the chance? Over the course of three parts, viewers will watch as Ward tracks down key information about Maxwell that may hold the power to break through the protection of Epstein's powerful circle around his criminal enterprise. Ward shares filmed footage from more than 30 interviews conducted for her Audible podcast of the same name, featuring extensive accounts from journalists, biographers, and former friends and employees of Maxwell and Epstein. CHASING GHISLAINE exposes new revelations about the disgraced British socialite's past, her reportedly dark relationship with Epstein, and how she allegedly stopped simply acting as Epstein's connector to the rich and powerful and began to make introductions of a different sort - allegedly finding young girls to satisfy Epstein's twisted, insatiable needs. "The heartbreaking reality of the Jeffrey Epstein case is that it's about so much more than Epstein's gross abuse of his wealth, stature, and connections - it's a larger picture of the disturbing nature of male power and the way in which some people will do everything they can to protect and satiate men in that position. With CHASING GHISLAINE, we are able to bring our viewers a comprehensive deep dive into one of the most globally divisive figures in this case, Ghislaine Maxwell, just as her trial begins in the U.S.," said Jason Sarlanis, President of Crime and Investigative Content. "We're proud to work with James Patterson, journalist Vicky Ward and our trusted partners at Blackfin to shed light on this important story unfolding in real time."

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"It’s our job to bring them home. If not us, who?”#BlackAndMissingHBO, an @HBO original documentary series following Black and Missing Foundation's fight to bring awareness to marginalized missing persons cases.

Shows Like Black and Missing

shows like secrets of the lost ark series watch next after.jpeg

For centuries, explorers have searched for the Bible's most sacred religious artefacts. One of the most mysterious of these objects is the famed Ark of the Covenant. The gold-plated wooden chest - one of the most instrumental symbols of faith and God's presence - was believed to house the two tablets bearing the Ten Commandments. The Ark's exact whereabouts has long puzzled scholars. Where did it go? And why has it remained such a mystery? SECRETS OF THE LOST ARK, premiering Sunday, May 23 at 10 PM ET/PT on Science Channel, follows a team of experts using the latest science and research in search of answers. This real-life treasure hunt will follow the clues, hidden in the most extraordinary places - from the Holy Land to the countries that surround it. Along the way, the team of researchers will examine its many unsolved mysteries. What did the Ark look like? What was its purpose? And did it actually exist at all? The first episode takes viewers to Jerusalem, believed to be the traditional home of the Ark of the Covenant. Many prominent scholars believe the Ark lies underneath Temple Mount. But what will it take to find it? Archaeologists scour the subterranean city beneath Jerusalem in search of clues of the Ark's location - from Zedekiah's cave in the old city to the cisterns beneath St Anne's church and the drainage channels from the Gihon Spring. Another theory examines the huge graveyards surrounding the city, as the Ark may have been hidden there from the invaders. What secrets will they discover? Each episode will look at the latest evidence as well as the many legends and rumors swirling around about its location. Could the Ark have been stolen by the Roman Legions and brought back to their capital? Or was it taken for safe keepings and hidden in a cave? Or could the Ark have been transported to Ireland, according to Celtic folklore? The experts are looking into every clue and will leave no stone unturned. In addition to watching SECRETS OF THE LOST ARK on Science Channel, viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #SecretsOfTheLostArk and follow @ScienceChannel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. SECRETS OF THE LOST ARK is produced for Science Channel by Like a Shot Entertainment. For Like a Shot, Henry Scott is Executive Producer. For Science Channel, Neil Laird is Executive Producer and Andrew Lessner is Producer.

Shows Like Secrets of the Lost Ark

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Somebody Feed Phil

Phil travels around the world sampling food and tradition with friends and a sense of humor.

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Woodstock ‘99 was supposed to be a millennium-defining celebration of peace, love and great music. Instead, the festival degenerated into an epic clusterf*ck of fires, riots and destruction. Utilizing rare insider footage and eyewitness interviews with an impressive list of festival staffers, performers and attendees, this docuseries goes behind the scenes to reveal the egos, greed and music that fueled three days of utter chaos.

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independent lens

Different celebrity host present a new independent documentary.

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