If you’re the parent of a toddler, you know all too well that getting your child to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time can be challenging. However, the best TV shows for toddlers have a way of capturing the imagination of their young audience and engrossing their minds for hours at a time. Whether it’s brightly colored sets, catchy melodies, or a combination of caring characters and positive values, the best children’s TV shows can considerably brighten their day.

With the ever-growing library of television shows for kids, choosing the right show for your toddler to watch can be challenging. After all, parents’ content is often far different than what kids like, so finding the perfect children’s television show can be a tough challenge. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular and worthwhile kid’s TV shows so you can make an informed choice.

The Top 10 TV Shows For Toddlers

To help you navigate the wild world of children’s television, we list the top 10 TV shows for toddlers, ranked in order of their score on IMDb. So the next time you need to entertain your toddler with minimal effort, put one of these programs on your television and watch the magic happen!


Netflix // 2018

In the town of Cocomelon, baby JJ and his siblings go on fun every-day adventures with nursery, play, exploration, and learning - situations that any preschooler could relate to. Fun, relatable stories set to toe-tapping songs.

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AJ is an 8-year-old techie who drives monster-truck Blaze, the top racer in Axle City. The two go on adventures that have them taking on problems involving science and math. Many predicaments they face are caused by Blaze's rival, Crusher, a tractor-trailer that will do anything to beat other vehicles to the finish line. The animated series is billed as the first TV show for preschoolers to comprehensively cover areas of science, technology, engineering and math. Each episode introduces different STEM concepts, including buoyancy and trajectory.

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Led by a boy named Ryder, a team of six playful rescue dogs use their individual talents to protect the seaside town of Adventure Bay. The pups are occasionally joined by newer helpers: Cap'n Turbot, Robo-Dog, Everest, and Tracker.

A group of six rescue dogs, led by a tech-savvy boy named Ryder, has adventures in "PAW Patrol." The heroic pups, who believe "no job is too big, no pup is too small," work together to protect the community. Among the members of the group are firedog Marshall, police pup Chase, and fearless Skye. All of the animals have special skills, gadgets and vehicles that help them on their rescue missions. Whether rescuing a kitten or saving a train from a rockslide, the PAW Patrol is always up for the challenge while also making sure there's time for a game or a laugh.

On February 19, 2020, the series was renewed for an eighth season of 26 half-hour episodes. A theatrical feature film, titled PAW Patrol: The Movie, is scheduled to be released on August 20, 2021.

Season nine of PAW Patrol (26 half-hour episodes, produced by Spin Master Entertainment) will follow the paw-some pack of pups - Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, Everest and Tracker - as they take on exciting new missions. Whether it's on the outskirts of town or beneath the waters of Adventure Bay, new pup pals and action-packed rescues are on the way.

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A little pig named Peppa and her little brother George have journeys everyday with their family and friends.

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Animated dog Blue is back with another live-action/computer-animated interactive educational children's television series. A revival of the 1996-2006 "Blue's Clues" series, many of the same characters, including Mailbox, Sidetable Drawer, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and Slippery Soap, return to help preschoolers solve puzzles.

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Baby versions of Jim Henson's famous Muppet characters go on wacky adventures through their imaginations

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Capitan Santiago, frog Kiko, cousin Tomas and mermaid Lorelai lead a magic pirate ship on heroic sea quests, having to outsmart and out-pirate villains and enemies along the way. Join Santiago, an 8-year-old pirate, and his crew as they embarks on rescues, uncover hidden treasures and keeps the Caribbean high seas safe. The show is infused with Spanish language and Latino-Caribbean culture and curriculum.

Santiago of the Seas is an American CGI animated television series created by Niki Lopez, Leslie Valdes, and Valerie Walsh Valdes that premiered on Nickelodeon on October 9, 2020.

Santiago Montes - Kevin Chacon
Tomás - Justice Quiroz
Lorelai - Alyssa Cheatham
Bonnie Bones - Kyndra Sanchez
Sir Butterscotch - John Leguizamo

Building upon the successful debut of Santiago of the Seas, which premiered in October 2020 and garnered the biggest L+3 lift Nickelodeon has ever had for a preschool launch, the net has picked up the series for a second season. Season two of Santiago of the Seas (26 half-hour episodes) will follow kind-hearted pirate Santiago "Santi" and his courageous crew - his cousin Tomás, first mate Lorelai the mermaid and best friend Kiko the frog - as they continue to sail the high seas aboard the legendary ship El Bravo to keep the islands safe. The new season of this fantastical Latino-Caribbean inspired action-adventure series will feature spectacular treasure, pesky villains and wondrous new lands.

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HBO // 1969

On a special inner city street, the inhabitants, human and muppet, teach preschool subjects with comedy, cartoons, games, and songs.

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Disney+ // 2018

The slice-of-life adventures of an Australian Blue Heeler Cattle Dog puppy as she has fun with her family and friends in everyday situations. Her energy and lovable spirit gets her into all kinds of funny and unpredictable situations.

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We hope this list of the top 10 TV shows for toddlers has helped you figure out the best program for your growing child to watch. Whether it’s an educational and whimsical show like Blues Clues & You or an award-winning program like Sesame Street, there’s no shortage of great television created with children in mind. While most of these shows won’t win any Primetime Emmy Awards, they’ll make your toddler light up with joy, making them worthwhile.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Peppa Pig is a mild and charming British animation series suitable for the youngest members of the household. The show’s animation is simple and pleasant, and crises revolve around what preschoolers worry about: visiting grandparents, playgroups, and riding bikes – vital social lessons about kindness, loyalty, and being thoughtful throughout each episode.

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