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About The Andy Warhol Diaries

From executive producer Ryan Murphy and director Andrew Rossi, this breathtakingly expansive, six-part portrait of a legend chronicles the remarkable life of Andy Warhol from the intimate vantage point offered by the artist's own posthumously published diaries. Beginning with his childhood in Pittsburgh, the series traces Warhol's almost unbelievably diverse journey fluidly moving between mediums and through eras as an artist - both revered and reviled - director, publisher, TV producer, scene maker, celebrity and much more.

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Shows Like The Andy Warhol Diaries

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Clairvoyant medium Tyler Henry offers clarity and closure to people through his own family's past.

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In this Tex Avery inspired toon from the creators of BLACK MIRROR, the viewer helps Rowdy Cat vex Peanut the Security Pup and break into a museum with the goal of making off with a priceless prize. With an average runtime of ten minutes, and over an hour and a half of animation to choose from, the viewer could play CAT BURGLAR a hundred times and never view the same cartoon twice!

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