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About Marvel's 616

An anthology documentary series that explores the historical, cultural and societal impacts of the Marvel Comics Universe and its intersection with the world.

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Shows Like Marvel's 616

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Marvel's Hero Project is a documentary streaming television series by Marvel New Media for Disney+ streamed from November 12, 2019

The series will follow the young heroes who are making remarkable and positive change across communities by dedicating their lives in selfless acts of bravery and kindness.Every kid who features in the show will have their own Marvel comic.
In life, it doesn’t take wearing a suit of iron, carrying a mythical hammer or swinging from spider webs to be a real hero. Sometimes the person who can make a positive difference in the world is the person who simply sees a problem and has the passion to find a creative solution.

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The magic is drawn one line at a time. ✏️✨ Sketchbook, an Original series featuring artists from Disney Animation

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